What is Listos?

waterHoseListos is a basic emergency and disaster readiness public education program with a grass-roots approach that specifically targets Spanish-speaking populations.

In natural disasters and emergencies, a community can find itself faced with mass casualties, significant property damage, economic loss, and citizens suffering significant psychological trauma. The manner in which communities first manage a crisis, or fail to do so, will have a lasting impact on the physical and emotional recovery of those communities.

Listos, an Aware and Prepare-funded program, works collaboratively with community agencies and jurisdictional partners to educate the Spanish-speaking populations of Santa Barbara County in disaster preparedness concepts in a culturally, socially, and linguistically appropriate manner.

Where do I sign up?

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Or Email Us: [email protected]

How do I bring Listos to my neighborhood?

Community Leaders:

We have found Listos to be most beneficial when a community leader recruits a training group composed of family members, friends and neighbors who have the potential to be in the same area when disaster strikes.  Classes have historically been held in mobile home parking lots, apartments, green areas, and parish halls.   The Listos curriculum is mobile, transportable, and relies only on human power.  We can teach almost anywhere.

Community Organizations:

Partnering with a community organization that meets regularly is also a very effective way to teach Listos. An established group provides built-in rapport, trust, and familiarity, all key aspects of successful disaster response. In the past, we have worked with organizations such as parents’ groups, churches, low-income housing complexes, and local fire departments.

If you are a community leader or represent a community organization and would like to bring Listos to your community, please contact us at 805-765-1489. Listos requires communities to contribute a minimum of 20 participants and a space to hold classes. All other resources are provided by Listos staff.